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2013 IDSA Midwest District Conference

Andy Janetski (Industrial Designer), Katie Remaly (Industrial Designer) and Jason Revelle (Business Development Manager) attended this year’s IDSA Midwest District Conference in Indianapolis, IN the weekend of 4/19-21.

The theme for the conference was “New Paradigms for Design.” Sessions were based heavily on the importance of design research, collaboration, and innovation. Industry professionals from around the country spoke about their experiences and gave insights into where the future of Industrial design may be headed. This included the impact of crowd sourced design, as well as the increasingly popular application of 3-D Printing.

Special focus was also given to new trends and technologies being applied in the design research process, specifically the power of empathy in user research and leveraging cell phone and app technology in data collection.

A highlight of the conference was the student merit award presentations. Students representing the many Midwest design schools presented their innovative and thoughtful designs, solving real world problems and showing a bright future for the industry.

IDSA serves as a powerful resource for industrial designers and the product design & development industry as a whole. Integrated Design Solutions would like to thank IDSA and commend the organization for providing a valuable experience.

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