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American Girl Place

In 2002 AGP asked IDS to design and build a doll salon chair that would be durable enough to be used as a store fixture in their Chicago and New York stores.  The design needed to be functional as a salon chair and closely resemble a doll accessory salon chair they were selling.  The chairs get a lot of use and the finishes have to be durable and maintain their appearance.

In 2006, in conjunction with the opening of their new Los Angeles store, IDS was asked to update the appearance and build newly designed chairs for each store.  IDS designed the chair which pivots and has a seat belt to hold the doll in place.  IDS manages the manufacturing and delivery of the chair.  The doll salon chair is a popular part of the AGP experience and the chairs durability and minimal maintenance with extensive use helps to contribute to each stores success.  By the fall of 2008, the salon chairs will be in AGP stores in seven major U.S. Cities.

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