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Recent studies reveal 45% of contact lens wearers are concerned about infection, dryness and irritation. 60% wear their lenses too long, and 70% of lens cases are contaminated. Doctors now recommend replacing your contact lens case every 30 days. The challenge: Develop a timing device to count down the number of days a person has worn their contact lenses and the number of days their contact lens case has been in use. The device needed to fit the majority of contact lens cases on the market, have a dual countdown timer, be water resistant, and not fail when dropped from a countertop. IDS provided the full suite of design services including International vendor interface, Industrial, Graphic, Packaging, Mechanical, and Electrical Design. In addition to creating one exceptionally high quality product, the client was able to use another of the original design concepts to create a second generation device to strengthen the LensAlert family.

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