Integrated Design Solutions, LLC.
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SGI is an industry leader in a broad range of high-performance server, storage, and visualization solutions. This enables its customers to overcome the challenges of complex data-intensive workflows leading to accelerated breakthrough discoveries, innovation, and information transformation. IDS maintains a proud history with SGI designing recent server lines including the new SGI® Altix®. By mixing design cues from past server designs with originals, IDS was able to create a family aesthetic tying multiple product lines together. A repeating door panel pattern visually ties one unit to the next when arranged in series. An ideal platform for complex CFD analysis for designing next-generation cars, airplanes, rockets, and swimsuits, Speedo’s Aqualab research and development facility utilized the Altix systems to develop the next generation of performance swimwear worn by many record breaking athletes in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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