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Sperry- Dual Check

Winner of the EC&M Product of the year Gold Award and a Top Product of 2016 by Electrical Products and Solutions Magazine

Incorporating the latest Non-Contact Voltage Tester technology and GCFI Outlet Tester into a single unit. These are 2 of the most popular testers by electricians, inspectors, technicians and homeowners.  With Sperry Instruments’ advanced technology, the DualCheck™ quickly provides an accurate analysis of your 120 volt receptacle. The Non-Contact offers a 360° LED indicator and can detect low resistance values on the ground and provide a clear and easy-to understand 1 LED readout for GFCI troubleshooting.

IDS leveraged our previous expertise from working on several Sperry Instruments’ products to develop the cohesive brand language and ergonomic feel of the tester.

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