Johnson & Johnson


Industrial Design – Mechanical Engineering –  Electrical Engineering – Prototyping


IDS was challenged to create a smart inventory management for IOL surgical lenses. The focus was to provide an intuitive experience while simplifying supply chain and inventory management.


A true system approach was utilized by IDS to improve upon the entire experience. Initial research was conducted to help identify key stakeholders and pain points within the current system. Extensive workflow development was necessary to ensure the storage system and corresponding app were able to integrate seamlessly. Our team created a number of solutions to address the identified challenges. Many rounds of revisions led the Mechanical Engineering team to a fully realize concept. IDS developed a custom scanning solution while collaborating with the J&J App development team to integrate the technology. Fully functioning prototypes were fabricated and deployed to the evaluate final solution in real world scenarios.


The CHiME smart inventory cabinet is deployed into current storage areas and can house all varieties Johnson and Johnson IOL lens boxes. The CHiME app is able to streamline the entire process from scheduling all the way through surgery. An integrated scan bar provides real-time inventory to the app. Lens selection is automated through a pick to light system, removing the need to physically organize the lenses. Inventory accuracy is greatly improved, restocking time is reduced, all while providing valuable data about lens usage.

CHiME Inventory Management