Trade Fixtures


Industrial Design – Mechanical Engineering


Trade Fixtures is a Global Leader of in-store bulk food dispensing solutions. They approached IDS with an extensive list of features for a next-gen dispenser design. Priority features included an air-tight design with an adjustable capacity bin and flow control.

Maximizer™ Bin


Using our proven innovation process, the IDS team generated preliminary concepts to address all of Trade Fixture’s design challenges. These concepts were developed into early designs and functional prototypes for review, testing, and refinement. Material research, DFM, including mold flow analysis was used to optimize final part design. 


A patented bulk dispenser with bin expansion rings and airtight gaskets keeps food product fresh and optimizes dispensing capacity. The flow control feature allows any free-flowing product from grains to hard shelled candies to cereals to be dispensed. 

Maximizer™ Bin