Johnson & Johnson


Industrial Design – Mechanical Engineering – Prototyping


Johnson & Johnson Vision Care developed the ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ lenses. While at body temperature, the lenses have the ability to tint when exposed to sunlight. IDS was tasked with designing a demonstration device to explain the technology to potential users. The design needed to be intuitive to use and meet a low production cost target.

Demo Device
Demo Device


Our team focused on the user experience of the eye care professional as well as the consumer. Leveraging a number of J&J resources allowed for a collaborative approach to the overall design. The industrial design team created a variety of concepts utilizing 3D CAD in order to provide renderings and prototypes. Through an iterative approach and constant refinement, the IDS team was able to hand off production ready CAD databases. 


IDS provided a dedicated sales demonstration device highlighting the new lens technology simply to potential users. This was made possible by heating the contact lens to body temp and apply UV light to simulate sunlight. The lens is placed within the device still in its packaging, which allows for repeated demonstration and limited cost of use.